Koch affiliated veterans group launching campaign against Trump’s Afghanistan and Syria policy

The campaign against the Islamic State has reignited a debate over the type and scope of policies. Osama bin Laden formally established Al Qaeda from a network of veterans of the Afghan insurgency against the Soviet Union.2 The group conducted a series of. group’s leadership to flee Afghanistan- where they had been hosted by the.

Yes, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, The VA Is Badly Broken Overview articles: For Peace in America, We Must Return to the Rule of Law.The Left has simply become evil. That is not to say all registered Democrats or Democrat politicians are necessarily evil, but the national-level leadership of the party and their primary backers represent a genuinely evil, oppressive, authoritarian, and – not coincidentally – anti-Semitic program (under the thin.

Military Veterans Divided over Trump’s Russia Comments In this photograph taken July 17, 2018, Marine Corps veteran Chris Sheppard poses with a picture of himself taken during his service in Iraq.

Lawsuit filed over veterans hospital Bible display A Bible on display at a memorial at New Hampshire’s veterans hospital should be removed because it is a violation of the First Amendment, a U.S. Air Force veteran said in a federal lawsuit tuesday. The Bible was carried by a prisoner of war in World War II and became part of the Missing Man [.]

On Monday night, Trump offered a new plan for Afghanistan, combing a military strategy with one that puts Pakistan on notice for supporting militants, and saying while the U.S. wanted the Afghan.

Vets Group Blasts Trump for Suggesting Troops Stole Money for Iraq. Donald Trump speaks during a campaign stop at the Signature Flight Hangar at Port-Columbus International Airport in Columbus.

Sixteen years into America’s longest war – and six months into president donald trump’s new Afghanistan policy – top officials with the Pentagon and State Department could not tell Congress.

 · Iranian forces in Syria later launched a salvo of 20 rockets against Israeli military positions in the Golan Heights on May 9, 2018, provoking Israel to launch.

Veterans of Afghanistan War Respond to Trump’s Speech. If there is one group of people we should be asking about the Afghanistan war and the President’s speech last night, it’s the veterans who have already fought over there.

Cartwright introduces veterans prosthetics legislation VA hospitals rolling out program that helps veterans rehabilitate through gaming VA Sports & Arts (@Sports4Vets) | Twitter – The latest Tweets from VA Sports & Arts (@Sports4Vets). Official Twitter feed for the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs, National Veterans Sports Programs & Special Events. Following a user does not signify endorsement. Washington DCBRAC Committee "selling" the command’s employees on a move to Huntsville to the chamber.cartwright introduces bipartisan Bill to Enhance Orthotic and. – Washington, DC – Last week, U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright introduced a bipartisan bill to fund and advance orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) research for veterans.

President Trump’s overall decision on U.S. policy toward Afghanistan-to stay in the country with a somewhat enlarged military capacity-is to a large extent correct.

In an address to the nation Monday, President Trump revealed America’s longest war is not over yet. The United States will send more troops to Afghanistan.

Beyond the friendly diktats and signature hugs, Prime minister narendra modi’s visit to the Unites States on June 25 and 26 had some overlooked signals on the future of Afghanistan policy. With.

Of the four candidates who currently compose the top tier of the 2020 Democratic field, three have expressed support for "Medicare for All" — a proposal that would eliminate the private health insurance industry in its entirety and replace it with a government-run system.

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