Griffin Capital Funding Provides Mortgages to Churches When Other Lenders Decline Them

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Griffin Capital Funding has been serving churches for 20 years by providing church loans for the ref.

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Griffin Capital @ChurchLoanPros Jun 6. We just closed a debt consolidation loan for a church. The church had 2 mortgages with high interest rates of 6.75% and 10%, so they wanted to find a new loan with better terms.

Join linkedin summary. griffin Capital Funding is one of the largest church financing companies in the country with over $1 Billion in total closed church loans and over 1,000 to closed church loans.

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CHURCH FINANCING. If you have ever been involved with a loan for a church, you know how frustrating the process can be. Most lenders either do not offer loans to churches or offer them under programs that make it almost impossible for churches to qualify or terms that are not reasonable.

Griffin Capital Funding has been serving churches for 20 years by providing church loans for the refinance, construction, renovation, and purchase of almost any church building ( On average, Griffin provides about $100,000,000 a year in loans to churches.

Griffin is a workplace that provides opportunity and growth, especially for those that demonstrate initiative and commitment to learn. Given the size and growth mode of the firm, there often isn’t formalized training and management will continue to assess.

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Griffin Capital Funding Provides Mortgages To Churches When Other Lenders Decline Them. Total Tappable Equity Falls For First Time Since Housing Recovery Began. Why Dodd-Frank Reforms Are Good For Business. Home Appreciation Is Leveling. Categories.