Editorial: Can student loan debt be opioid solution?

Student debt is rampant. Borrowing is at the $1.5 trillion mark. Three in four students leave school with debt. According to Forbes, the average debt has tripled in 20 years.

 · editorial. student debt and the Economy. March 9, 2013. The student loan debt crisis has become a drag on the economy. younger americans who are.

For example, private student loans are those offered from a direct lender, rather than through the federal government. Nearly every type of loan available to consumers can be obtained as a private loan; in fact, there are few loan types that are not private loans, as things like personal and auto loans are rarely backed by the government.

Solutions can be obvious if we open ourselves to seeing them. Doctors and scientists have a way of looking at something as both a problem and a solution. Something can be poison in one dose.

A new program from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is offering student debt relief for medical professionals who begin providing or expand treatment for opioid addiction.

There are a number of different student loan forgiveness programs out there for people who work in public service, education, health care, and other areas. Some states are even helping debt-saddled graduates pay off their loans. If you’re struggling with debt, student loan forgiveness could save you.

The facts seem stark: About 45 million Americans now owe a stunning $1.6 trillion in student debt. That’s roughly one in every four adults, nearly double the number who had higher education loans.

Today’s Perspective feature, in The Gazette’s recently expanded Sunday editorial section, grapples with the nationwide dilemma of student loan debt as people begin their fall semesters.

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If you have student loan debt, you may be thinking about consolidating your loans. Consolidating involves getting a new loan and using the funds to repay the proceeds of multiple educational debts.

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Policymakres are using student debt relief as one tool to combat the opioid epidemic.

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